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Jane Lindell Hughes, M.D.,

Ophthalmology &
Ophthalmic Surgery

Huebner Woods Office Park
10007 Huebner Road
Bldg. 3, Ste. 302
San Antonio, TX 78240 Office: (210) 614-5566 Emergencies: (210) 593-2879 Fax: (210) 558-1844


Contact lenses for most types of prescriptions, including astigmatism and eye bifocals, are now available. Many are in disposable lens form, making spectacle-free vision more comfortable and safer for a greater number of people. Spectacles have become fashion accessories as well as high tech devices, some as light as four paper clips. These have been engineered to give the full range of clear vision with no-line bifocals.

Cataract surgery is a large part of Dr. Hughes practice and she states, “I have seen the cataract operation evolve many times over. Early in my residency training we used a very large incision through which we removed the entire cloudy lens and patients required thick spectacles to see after surgery. Now I use a 3 mm clear corneal incision to remove the cloudy portion of the lens. It is then replaced with a clear acrylic foldable lens implant. This glides into the remaining envelope of the patients own lens.

Most of the time no suture is required, compared to ten in the past. Patients require little distance correction, but still need correct for near. Most normal activities can be resumed the day after surgery.

New diagnostic technology, such as ocular coherence tomography and digital fundus photography allow images and details only recently available. We have added this equipment to our practice and they afford more exquisite evaluation and documentation of ocular status.

Perhaps the most exciting area in Dr. Hughes practice is laser refractive surgery LASIK and PRK. The technology has been refined to include smoother laser ablation patterns, eye tracking devices, and blended treatments to decrease glare problems. The most recent advances are the Intralase and CustomVue modalities. The Intralase femtosecond laser allows the Lasik flap to be made without the use of a surgical blade. The CustomVue scan allows measurement and treatment of image aberrations beyond those corrected with spectacles and contact lenses. These advances have enhanced the level of safety and the achievement of even more accurate results.

Each potential candidate is examined for corneal thickness, eye curvature, baseline eye health, and realistic expectations for seeking laser refractive surgery. For good candidates the procedure can be truly miraculous. By careful screening, we take every step to maximize patient safety and to achieve our desired outcome.

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